Creating a high-performing team is not a simple and easy case. Sometimes performance is still low, results are poor and growth is slow even though the personnel in the team are talented. Therefore, it is very important for a group or team to have ✨good team dynamics✨ to turn the performance around.

What is Team Dynamics?

An influential social psychologist, Kurt Lewin (1939), defines team dynamics as “positive and negative forces within groups of people.” In short, the definition of team dynamics is a system of behavioral and psychological processes that occur within teams.

This means that each team has its own psychology that…

Are you a developer? And are you worried about the system that will be running on? Take a deep breath and calm down, use the ✨Docker✨

What is Docker?

Docker is a tool designed to make it easy to build, deploy, and run applications using containers. The container allows the developer to package the application with all its parts, such as libraries and other dependencies, and implement it as a single package. This means that developers can focus on writing code without worrying about the system that will eventually run it. …

Rather than repeatedly building similar components from scratch, it is better to use ✨Design Guidelines✨ that allow designers & developers to reuse components that can increase efficiency.

What are Design Guidelines?

Design Guidelines are an important part of the design that can be used as a guide in designing a user interface (UI). In addition, you will be more consistent when designing a project as a whole such as UI elements, colors, typography, icons, and so on.

How do you define your design needs? — Since I have to design apps for clients, I need to understand and translate other people’s sketchy ideas into…

Do any of your co-workers seem friendly all the time? He also seemed to enjoy socializing with people. He is an example of a ✨People Person✨ who will attract attention.

What is a people person?

A people person is someone who likes to interact with others. You will enjoy relationships with people and social life. You will care about other people, and want to spend time with them. You will try to be a friend and supporter of their hard effort. You’ll try to get along, and you’ll be willing to make improvements.

How to become a people person?

Communication is very important both in the business world and in personal…

Do you want to add an aesthetic feel to a site? Pay attention to your ✨Visual Design✨. The first impression of the user is usually formed within 50 milliseconds. This fact reflects a deeply emotional level of design — in other words, the user’s first impression or instinct of reaction to a design. If they don’t like what they see, they will leave. So, visual design is an essential part of your job as a “designer”.

Making a wireframe is one of the important steps in the design process before creating a digital product. …


Say you are a web developer. You’ve just completed a small feature. Would you consider it sufficient to test this feature simply by manually interacting with the browser? I don’t think it’s enough just to rely on the tests that the developer performs manually. Unfortunately, this means that part of the code is not good enough. The easiest way to get good quality code and good test coverage, the answer is, use ✨Test-Driven Development (TDD)

What is TDD?

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a software development approach in which test cases are developed to specify and validate the code. In simple terms, test cases…


Have you been in a situation, in hurry, and need to find something important in a messy room? Of course, something messy is very troublesome. Just like our code, to avoid things that can be difficult for yourself, then use ✨Clean Code✨

Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++ and author of The C++ Programming Language said...

I like my code to be elegant and efficient. The logic should be straightforward to make it hard for bugs to hide, the dependencies minimal to ease maintenance, error handling complete according to an articulated strategy, and performance close to optimal so as not to…


If the product had to be created based on user demand, how would we actually know what they needed? The answer is ✨Persona✨.

Persona is a familiar word for a product development team. Persona is a representation of a group of users in a fictional character that contains their goals based on user needs when using the product.

It is easier for designers to find design solutions that can create a user-friendly app experience with personas.

3 Persona Types

There are 3 different ways teams can create personas, depending on the research data:

  1. Proto personas: Proto personas are based on existing data, team…


Project is a planned work program with a specified time and budget. Ideally, each project has goals and objectives that must be achieved. To achieve those things, great effort and proper planning are required. In implementing this PPL software project, of course, good project management is needed. Of the many software development methods, we apply the ✨Agile Development✨ method.

Agile Development is a project management methodology that has high adaptability to change. Because of this capability, changes can be handled quickly according to the client's needs and the client can provide feedback to the development team in the programming process…


I am currently pursuing my third year of Bachelor of Computer Science at University of Indonesia. It has become commonplace for third-year students to take a PPL course. PPL is different from other courses since we can develop our new skills and understandings through developing software projects so we can implement them in real life. We collaboratively do this project with our teammates through ✨Git✨.

Git is a version control system in a software project created by Linus Torvalds for recording or tracking any changes to the project files done by many people or by themselves.

Although it is clear…

Computer Science Student at University of Indonesia

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